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Tests to know yourself better They took the test!

This XQ test is not bad at all! And especially your report. It's a common thing to ask yourself whether you're doing what other couples are doing, how frequently and how they are doing it. At least the answers are truthful and to the point!
Daniel R - Providence, RI

Your test was quite enjoyable, your study on the subject of women was quite revealing. I could finally identify with my behavior in the sex department. Thanks a bunch for the insight and advice!
Naomi F. - Seattle, WA

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How to take the test?
1. "Calculate Your XQ" is a private test and the appended report is completely confidential : its access is protected by an identification code known only to the User.

2. The questions and answers are not pornographic or offensive in nature. Certain terms and diagrams contained are reserved for a mature audience, and the test is therefore strictly reserved for adults.

3. This is not a timed test but accessing external sources is not permitted(internet sites or specialized literature, dictionaries, etc) while answering the 50 questions. For estimation purposes, most of our users need between 18 and 25 minutes to complete the questions.

4. This is a multiple-choice test. If you are unsure of an answer, use the answer that best reflects your natural behavior in a similar situation.

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I am above 18 years old

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I am above 18 years old

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