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 Calculate Your XQ
Are you a good lover? What is your sexual potential?
Calculate your sexual quotient (XQ)
and within minutes, determine the potential and quality of your sexuality. Calculate your power to seduce,your preferences and sexual techniques. Do they measure up to your expectations and those of others?

Due to the explicit nature of these pages, this test is strictly reserved for adults. It is available in both versions,
for men and for women.

Many men and women use but a fraction of their sexual potential and often miss out on the benefits of a satisfied sex life. Are you satisfied with your sex life? The following graph gives a glimpse of levels attained by other respondents in the test. Please note that 75% of our users scored between 85 and 115.

A test which answers most frequently asked questions
The following test has been developed by gathering poll and survey results. It answers the most common questions:
  • Is your sex life more rewarding than that of the majority?
  • Does the quality of your intimate encounters satisfy your expectations?
  • What areas could you improve on?
  • What are your seduction tactics? (or how can you continue to satisfy your partner?)
  • How important is sex in a relationship?
  • Are you "hotter" than most people?
  • Do you fully admit having fantasies?

    This test reserved for adults and is available in
    two versions: for men and women

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