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Is Perfectionism a Disease?

According to a Canadian study, perfectionism may be an obstacle in personal growth. Displaying an obsessive urge to do everything perfectly is a condition which may actually be hiding some form of psychological disorder.

1. Is my present frustration just a passing phase?Don’t count your chickens before the eggs have hatched! In fact, you should start by identifying the deep-rooted feelings underneath your frustration. Do you feel like quitting your job entirely or are you just due for a career change? Do you hate your present job or do you hate the company you work for? Identify the reason behind your anguish and put together the plan of action you would need in order to increase your sense of motivation and level of satisfaction.

2. What are my true skills?
You must make the distinction between what skills you actually possess… and what skills you truly lack. Think about what you’re really good at and in what areas you can put your expertise to proper use. For example: Do you have good writing skills? Are you comfortable speaking in public? Do you possess the power of persuasion? How do you fare with numbers? Are computers your forte? Etc… Depending on the image that is forming with the answers to these questions, you will gradually have a clearer picture of what you are truly worth in a professional aspect. In order to draw a precise portrait of the kinds of jobs that are best adapted to your unique personality, check out our online Job Test.


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