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When Colors Contradict Themselves

For thousands of years, human societies have been fascinated by colors. Their symbols have evolved according to their people, and thus have also expressed similarities as well as contradictions. Let’s look at the examples of two primary colors, yellow and red.

1. Securing the bait
The laziest attempts include those who type “ASC?” (Age Status City?). Where’s the romance? With a little imagination, take some time finding a screenname since it’ll be the first impression you’ll be giving out. Using “Sweetflower” or “SuperCinderella” will make a much nicer impact than “SWF110” or “AmyAmy”. Take a light-hearted attitude towards them and add a little humor to your approach. Tell “Sweetflower” that her perfume draws you to her, or tell SuperCinderella that you’ve found a glass slipper. If you make her smile then why shouldn’t she take some interest in you?

2. Throwing the line
The objective here is to draw her attention, so give her a few elements to work with. Never rush ahead by suggesting that you exchange photos or turn on your web cams. Whatever you do, don’t give her the impression that you’re starved for her undivided attention. Rather, seduce her slowly and make the flirting session last, as you would if you had met her at a dinner party. Tickle her curiosity! Very importantly, don’t give off any sexual connotations!


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