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6 Extremely Common Personality Disorders
Close to 10% of us are victims of some form of personality disorder, and, very often, we are not even aware we have one! Let’s review the six problems most commonly found among the average population.
The Secrets of Body Language
To show strength in emotional intelligence is to also master your body language, literally the language of the body. Whether it is at the office or in everyday situations, mastering your body language will avoid allowing your bodily expressions from betra
Are You Lucky?
It’s pointless to complain that you have never been a lucky person. By adopting the right attitude, you can influence the path that your life takes. In general, do you think that you are lucky?
What Do You See in This Inkblot?
If you haven’t heard of the "Rorschach" psychological test, you undoubtedly know of those famous ink blots through which you are supposed to identify different images.
Why Take an EQ Test?
As part of their recruiting strategies, multinational companies like Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, and Canon are turning, more and more, to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tests – and they have very good reasons to be doing so…

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