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Here are previously published articles for "INTELLIGENCE" !

8 Tips to Make Your Kids Finally Listen to What You’re Saying
“You never listen to me!” This is the type of remark you often hear coming out of the mouths of parents and kids. Here are 8 tips for better communication with your kids!
What Causes Road Rage?
Everyone has experienced some form of "road rage", but in some cases, it is a sign of a more serious mental disorder. Plus some tips to prevent totally losing your temper behind the wheel.
Tetris: intelligence building blocks?
This famous electronic game consists of piling up bricks, and it has proven to be quite a neuron stimulator. What a coincidence, that’s exactly what its creator intended!
Drawing With Your Brain
Are you terrible at drawing? Don’t get discouraged – you have all of the necessary skills to make beautiful sketches. You just have to use your brain correctly!
Biting your nails can weaken intelligence!
Children who take the habit of biting their nails don’t know it, but they risk weakening their IQ, which is what was found during a recent study on the subject.

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