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Tests to know yourself better They took the test!

Thanx for this useful test. It's quite easy when you know the subject pretty well like (for me) sports and history. But it's extremely difficult when you have an average knowledge... Good exercise anyway!
RICHARD - Vancouver

You concluded that my general knowledge is "rather good", that's great news. But should we consider all disciplines on an equal level? I dont really see why the fact of identifying country flags for example is relevant to knowledge. Sciences, history, geography and even maths, these are the fields that count.
KELLY - Rochester

Great test! But may be you should develop another test on less academic subjects such as fashion or cuisine. I think everybody has got some bits of general knowledge but not necessarily about every single topic!
LAURA - Woking

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How to take the test
1. This is not a timed test. You are given enough time to reflect on each of the 50 questions. However you are not allowed to consult any reference materials, documents, dictionaries or other websites while taking the test.

2. For each question, you are given three answers to choose from. Select your choice by checking the corresponding box. If you are undecided and are having trouble answering, please check the one you feel is most sensible and "logical".

3. You score 5 points for each correct answer. The maximum score for this test is 250 points (50 correct answers).

4. To begin the test, you are asked to choose the 10 knowledge subjects you are most proficient in (24 subjects are offered in total). The 50 questions of the test will be based on the categories you selected.

5. Upon completion of the test, you will be given the option to view a detailed summary of the questions that you answered incorrectly. This summary will include both the answers you gave, the correct answers, as well as an explanation for each.

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