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 What's The Right Job For You?
This test gives a specific answer to a question
At one time or another in our lives, we have asked the question: "What’s the right job for me?" This test examines in detail your dominant personality traits at work in order to give a specific answer to that question.

This graph illustrates the distribution of 16 personality types represented in society. Recruitment specialists had prepared this exclusive, 50-question test, based on the Jungian Type Theory.

A test to know yourself better
Knowing your personality is an invaluable tool in identifying the jobs that best match your temperament, lifestyle and attitude towards others. This test allows you to form an accurate profile of your assets and professional behavior.

This test will help you identify your personality type and compare yourself to the rest of the population. It also gives you an opportunity to access a 20-page personalized report describing your basic qualities and traits at work, as well as a list of jobs that best suit you.

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