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 Calculate Your IQ
A test to know yourself better
Calculate your IQ in just a few minutes and compare yourself to the rest of the population. For example, Albert Einstein was well known to have a superior IQ, over 160. This test allows you to calculate your own.

The above graphic indicates the distribution of IQ levels in the population. Taking into account differences in language, this means that if the global population were taking this IQ test, about 70% of individuals would score in a range between 85 and 115.

A test you must take at least once in your lifetime!
IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a general determination of the capacity of individuals to think and reason. An IQ level indicates how one is positioned compared to the majority of individuals in a given age bracket.

The test we offer was carefully prepared to evaluate the intelligence level of individuals. Psychologists supervised its preparation.

Compare your IQ score with others of same sex and age.
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