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 Take The IQ Expert Challenge
This test is intended for high IQ individuals (above 110)
The "expert" version of the standard IQ test was developed to enable respondents whose IQs are above average (normative IQ score is approximately 104) to take this new and somewhat challenging assessment without answering the same questions usually encountered in IQ tests.

This IQ Expert test challenges respondents because it includes questions slightly more difficult than those found in the more traditional IQ tests. It is therefore a useful opportunity to compare and confirm a previously-determined IQ score while nevertheless taking a whole new intelligence test! It is indeed a real challenge to your intelligence.
To succeed in the IQ Expert challenge, you must obtain a score between a minimum (blue curve) and maximum (red curve) that depends directly on your actual IQ level.

For example, if you have an IQ score of 120, you must obtain a score between 117 and 128 in order to succeed. A score below that means you have failed the test. A score above that means your true IQ is probably higher than 120.

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