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Piero Comel B - México - (México) Wednesday, December 16
Hello! I´ve already took several tests. It is realy amazing how real and precise the results are. The last test taken was the color test: what your real color is? Amazing. I love blue and green. And it seems that I am congruent with that. My color resulted to be blue and it matches perfectly to the person I am. Normaly persons prefer a color but they do not match with it. Take the test don´t be shy. You will discover many things you´ll never imagine or expect. Thank you guys to make this possible to all of us. Best Regards.
Karen - San Jose - (USA) Friday, January 9
I am always intrigued with tests--especially that tell you something about yourself. This was fun and the exciting part was that the results were almost immediate. I will definitely take more...and have sent it to my friends. I develop training programs at my workplace and will include these.
Raymonde Dupuis - Bourget - (Canada) Thursday, November 20
Hi, I took an IQ test few days ago. I love that kind of test. I love to have result which can and do help to improve myself, one step at a time, one day at a time. Thanks a lot.
Allison - meath - (ireland) Sunday, January 6
I recently took the job test and found it very informative. It accurately confirmed what I intuitively felt about myself both positives and negatives and I plan to work further with my negative aspects this year. Somebody commented on the extensive reports and remarked that they took too long to read and got 'fed up'. I personally feel that personal growth is paramount to my development and my time reading the reports is time well spent. They give total and balanced insights which I would expect. Thanks and regards
Mohamed ElBolkiny - cairo - (egypt) Friday, December 14
I took the job test and really was very happy to know what is my type and behavoir in my work and when I read the report I found that it will help me how to improve myself and where I'm from the population and what was my srengths and my weakness and how I can improve. I hope when I take the test again I'll see the improvement and I already worked on my behaviour to improve myself.
Bill Boteler - Washington, DC - (USA) Thursday, September 13
I don't know what to think. The personality description just doesn't sound like me. It doesn't describe the kind of work that I feel drawn to. I tried to answer honestly. I am thinking that I am almost certainly an "N" type and not an "S" type. The rest is not an issue.
S. Abendschoen - PA - (USA) Monday, September 10
Very insightful information in the 25 page explanation of my test results. I appreciated the info and shared it with my sexual partner. He thought it was a hoot--but I'm taking it a bit more seriously--:-) Many thanks!!
Viktor E. Korbel - Plzen - (Czech Republic) Sunday, September 9
I took all three main tests, and they were helpful, indeed! The results really give me an excellent opportunity to think about myself from angles different than I used to do before, and take the right course.
Terry Anstiss - Nhulunbuy - (Australia) Saturday, September 8
I believe the XQ test was informative and accurate and in sharing the analysis with friends they agree. As a business group we may try others more employment realted.
Rudy E Parker - Cambridge - (USA) Monday, September 3
I took the IQ, EQ and personality tests. They were all extremely helpful in identifying my Strengths and weaknesses. The tests gave me a far greater understanding of my core abilities which will enable me to maximize my success in the future.
Annie - Hallandale - (United States) Tuesday, August 14
It was very interesting taking the tests. Took IQ and EQ. Its interesting to see your strengths (as well as weaknessess). I will take more.
Claire - Iloilo - (Philippines) Tuesday, August 7
It was important for me to know what kind of man I should be partnered with. I've been recently hurt because I have chosen the wrong type of guy.
dhaya - tirunelveli - (INDIA) Thursday, August 2
The IQ test was fun, quick and efficient. I had the results immediately; the website operates flawlessly; it was a rewarding experience. I am a lecturer and I will use many of these tests for my students.
Shelia R. Jones - Piqua - (United States of America) Thursday, July 19
I enjoyed taking the test, and was quite surprised, based on the 11 & 1/2 years working in the factory industry. The assessment test was enlightening. Thank you for that experience.
Barbara Frey - Los Angeles - (USA) Friday, June 8
The IQ test was fun, quick and efficient. I had the results immediately; the website operates flawlessly; it was a rewarding experience. I am a consultant and I will use many of these tests for my career transition clients.
Diana - Homer Glen - (USA) Wednesday, May 17
The color test was interesting...I had always suspected the results I got from the test were true about myself. It helps to have further insight into the recessed parts of your conjunction with the other tests I have completed it gives me a better foundation to move forward. Thanks!
Patricia - Victorville - (USA) Sunday, May 14
The test revealed to me that ideas that I have had in the past were valid and not so "off the wall" as some bosses would have me believe. It helped me to understand and appreciate myself more. Thanks for the opportunity.
Diana Subka - Homer Glen - (USA) Monday, April 24
Thank you so much for the information provided with this test. It helped me to understand myself even better and to accept the parts of my personality that were unclear to me before. Self knowledge is a great place to start from! Thank you.
Cleveland Caldwell - Philadelphia PA - (USA) Monday, April 3
Thanks for my assessment, it really opened my eyes to parts of my personality that others don't seem to understand, but would rather change. I've always known that I was some type of Protector. I've always helped others even as a kid. Thanks again and keep up the great work.
Carolyn McHugh - Adelaide - (Australia) Tuesday, March 21
As a mature age student who is now looking for employment in a different career, my results to your questionnaires matched reasonably well with my pre-conceived ideas. However I felt the job test didn't really fit my situation at this stage as I resigned from my full time position over a year ago. It really suits people who are currently employed.
Casey - Lindon - (USA) Friday, March 17
I wouldn't have believed the test and results if I hadn't experienced the test and results in the privacy of my own home. The analysis was right on. I love taking these tests. I am always amazed how the results are just like people always tell me that I am. Though sometimes I don't see my strengths as well as otheres do. Thank you for a candid look at myself. Casey
Mark - - () Wednesday, September 14
Hey you guys, I saw your newsletter in my email today and I began thinking about all the changes in my life since I took one of your assessment tests. At first nothing happened. I read your report and liked what I read. I started taking the things I knew were right and ignored the parts that didn't make much sense to me. Then I tried to make a single statement about my assessment so I could remember it. I wrote this down and put it in front of my computer. A few months later an opportunity came along. I liked it but it didn't pay as well. As I was debating if I should really follow up on it I realised it had all the elements of what I was looking for according to the statement I had made up. I took the job and I am as happy as a clam. Many things are falling into place for me. I am getting new and exciting opportunities everyday now. My world has just exploded into an amazing place. It is not the drudgery it was before. I want to thank you for the opportunity to be assessed and for the assessment report you sent to me. You really help me bring focus and a goal to a chaotic out of control life. - Mark.
Dr CT Sorensson - - (New Zealand) Monday, August 29
Good Test - which as a career scientist in biology I do not say lightly. Good to have the section on personal shortcomings; indeed, great if it could be expanded In this day and age, perhaps useful to have a section of related literature or websites ("Further Reading"). Further along these lines, you might consider developing a new business service, something along the lines of: "Would you like to know how to get along with others in business? How to recognise their personality and how to "press their buttons". Especially liked the detailed analysis of certain questions... as it both helped me understand how I differ from others, and also sense/appreciate the "science" behind the test. Granted, I do not know how well accepted this "science"is... perhaps also something one of your "Further Reading"citations might point to On the whole, rather cool! cheers charles
Laurence - Toronto - (Canada) Friday, August 26
I have taken many of your tests. Of them, I found the knowledge test the most useful and helpful in determining my future direction. Although the IQ test was most instructive, the knowledge test represented years of personal experience and hence adopted traits. This has helped me decide what to do next.
Brenda - Chicago - (United States) Sunday, August 21
The tests already revealed what I knew about myself. I did exceptionally well on the Customer Service test, not surprising since I've been in the field over 20 years. Interesting results for IT test since in the process of a career transition, although scored higher than expected, it did highlight areas needing improvement. These areas that were weaknesses, knew deep down what they were but good to actually see the results in writing. It just makes me more determine to overcome areas needing improvements.

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