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 Calculate Your EQ
A test to know yourself better
Studies have shown that itís not only people with high IQs who succeed in life.
Pure intelligence, as measured by IQ (Intelligence Quotient), allows an individual to reason logically.
There is however another form of intelligence, called Emotional Intelligence, that allows one to master his own emotions and manage his relationships with others.

This curve illustrates the distribution of EQ levels in the population, and shows trends confirmed by the testís results. This EQ test was prepared by a psychologist and was directly inspired by the works of Peter Salovey and John Mayer.

A test that will change your life
Emotional Intelligence, as measured by EQ (Emotional Quotient), refers to an individualís capacity to maximize his personal aptitudes (motivation, confidence, etc.) and social skills (communication, perception of others, etc.). Thus it is closely related to the personal and professional growth of an individual.

This test offers an evaluation of your EQ level and a comparison to the rest of the population. It also provides you an opportunity to access a personalized report of your emotional intelligence as well as practical methods to improve upon it.

* These two American academicians, specializing in psychology, were the first to formulate a theory on emotional intelligence in 1990.

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