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Finding and landing yourself a job

Effective tutorials to succeed on the job market
Finding a job, writing a cover letter that catches the eye, passing an employment interview and obtaining a raise are all delicate obstacles to hurdle in every career. They are however, very simple steps to take once they are explained in a logical and rational way.

A tutorial with tips and advice on how to summon the courage to approach your boss and ask for a raise. Understand the techniques to use and make the scales tip in your favor…  A tutorial with tips and advice on how to truly master job-finding techniques.  A tutorial with tips and advice on how to feel comfortable during any application test and how to avoid the usual tricks and traps. 
Get a Salary Raise!  Finding a Job, Guaranteed!  How to Pass Pre-Employment Tests 
A tutorial with tips and advice on how to guarantee a winning first impression on your future employer.  If followed to the letter, this tutorial will help convince any employer to invite you in for a job interview.  A tutorial with tips and advice on how to write an eye-catching resume that won't wind up in the trash bin, but in the prospective candidates pile. 
Pass a Job Interview with Success  Write a Successful Job Application Letter  How to Write a Convincing Resumé 

Effective tutorials that make a difference
These simple yet comprehensive tutorials offer concrete advice and easy tips for you to follow in order to optimize your chances on the job market and better understand what a recruiter is truly looking for.

These tutorials have been developed by professionals (employers, career advisors and head hunters) to help each individual put his or her strongest work assets forward and obtain better chances of reaching his or her career objectives.

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