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 Who's the Woman of Your Life?
A test to uncover what truly motivates you in a relationship.
Whichever woman you may meet, especially one who is available and belongs to your age group, could very well be a potential girlfriend. But to which category of women should you look into more closely? This test will allow you to determine what type of woman is best suited to your profile as a bachelor, to your unique personality and to your singular definition of a “soul mate”.

A test to coach you in your quest for the ideal mate
This entire test was developed under the supervision of French psychotherapist Jean Dubreuil, a sex and relationship specialist. The test shows that there exist seven main types of men when it comes to flirting.

The personalized report which accompanies this test offers a detailed look at the feminine qualities in which you place great value (appearance, behavior, personality, etc). Based on the principle traits that define your profile as an available man, this test can also be used as a viable and valuable tool to help you find the right path to romantic bliss.

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