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Is Perfectionism a Disease?
According to a Canadian study, perfectionism may be an obstacle in personal growth. Displaying an obsessive urge to do everything perfectly is a condition which may actually be hiding some form of psychological disorder.
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When Colors Contradict Themselves
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Einstein’s Brain Was Different
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Calculate Your IQ

Prepared by a psychologist, this test allows you to evaluate your IQ level in 35 minutes and to compare yourself with the average population. IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a general measurement of an individual’s capacity to think and reason.

Calculate Your EQ

This test aims to evaluate your EQ level and compare it with the rest of the population. EQ measures emotional intelligence, that is the capacity of a person to maximize his personal traits and social skills.

Test Your General Knowledge

Developed by a group of teachers, this general knowledge test allows respondents to compare themselves with the rest of the population. This challenging test requires coming up with exact answers to given questions.




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Your test was thought provoking yet easy to take. The summary report was quite interesting. It is very accurate in relation to my strengths and weaknesses. I still have the copy I printed. I can think of nothing to add to improve the test you use. I have taken several tests over the internet and yours was the most user friendly. — Paula, Houston

The IQ test was very good. The results show where you need to focus attention. It makes you think about all the possibilities before jumping into any conclusions, which is what you should do in life. — Brad, North Carolina
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